Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The 1 year (b)itch

The perception of anniversaries varies with perspective. While to some,it is an occasion for indulgent merry making,its just another passage of 365 days for others. Well, I tread middle ground.

And thus begins another blog post. Cryptic starts such as these are sure bound to test the wavering patience of the handful who actually read the drivel I purvey,so I better buck up and lay some background on this :D

You see,the anniversary I was alluding to is nothing special. Its one year since I started blogging. 365 days since I created a niche for myself in blogosphere,and I felt it would be doing great injustice to purgationofsoul letting this day pass without so much as a mention. And what better way to do it than commemorate the occasion with a post. So here I am,without any agenda,typing away in glee :DWell instead of groping around for a topic,I might as well resort to some good ol dear dairying.. Well I have proven myself to be woefully incapable of any sort of chronicling whatsoever,but there seems to be no other alternative.. you all will have to bear with me,and as the refrain goes,asuvidha ke liye khed hai..

Last week was largely uneventful and mundane,except for the fact that I am now in the comfortable confines of my home in the National Capital,thanks to a study break,dubiously named Vacation. Travel time was mostly spent ruing the absence of headphones(a facebook status update to that effect got 13 likes,bleah), watching movies,viz. gulaal,revolutionary road and dasaratham(kickass,super and intense respectively) and waxing eloquent on the awesomeness that is Konkan railways..

And then Vishu happened.. So did wallet swelling.. not in a manner that would make i-t blokes sit up and take notice,but substantial the same.:)

Vishu always gets off to a hilariously divine start,what with being made to wake up at unearthly hours,grope around in darkness,eyes closed and then being blinded by intense brightness.. Sample this convo,highly stylized and exaggerated,I had with dad on vishu morning .. The latter is trying to wake me up:

D: Gummorning sonny no 1

Me: Hmpf

D:How bout we rise and shine, ye ol egg


D:Let me inform you,sonny no 1,that if you don’t relieve the pillow and mattress of your bodily pressure this very moment,I ll be obliged to pick up the lil bucket currently lodged in the bathroom and empty its contents on your distinguished self. Are we clear on this?

Me: Now that’s perspective. A’ight, am up.

D:Eyes firmly shut

Me:well they re gummed at present


Me: Where to?

D:You know where

Me:*fumbling around* I hope my health insurance papers are in place


Me:Whew. Now what?

D:Open up.

Me: *blinded by megawatt radiance* Whoa!!

D: alright me old offspring,do you see the deities’ photos?

Me:er yeah,they are slightly off focus though,hang on..*rubs eyes* alright,positive..

D:the cereals and pulses?

Me: nice and clear

D: other miscellaneous items?

Me: sure thing

D:alright,we re good to go,get up

Well,the rest of the week was business as usual.. When business implies dealings with big fat textbooks,it aint anything to write about..

Its time to wind up then,hope to cook up something better than this next time aroundJ cheers..


Ankit Sarkar said...
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Ankit Sarkar said...

Oh, so you're in Delhi right now for your vacations :P Anyway, welcome back!

Aditya said...

Stop cribbing you useless lump. You are atleast back home. I Dont think i'll be making that journey back anytime before December plus i have to deal with two back to back semesters.

Vivek said...

I like the way you write. I will hire you in advertisement when I start a company. Wouldn't it be fkawesome if we could have convos like that in real life? Headphones bracket thingy was mild showoff :P Happy anniversary. I will be expecting a treat when you get back. You dusted those textbooks didn't you. Welcome back! :)

Word verif in eq-my-og. That sounds like some obscene code. Doesn't it?

Sriram said...

Mwaaneyy.. happy burthuday machi! Kidilam convo.. and I want a dad like that :P
Keep blogging, bitch!

PS: kookyboy, my captcha said 'matsormi' Now why does that remind me of inglourious basterds?

vanwinkle said...

@ankit yeah man delhi:)will call you up some time:)

@aditya my heartfelt condolences

@viv whats life without some showoff;)and convos like these in real life would be kickass man!

@sriram vielen dank,old boy.. and @viv and sriram,hope you picked up the tarantino ref:)