Friday, April 29, 2011

Tuskers win best outfit award,fashionistas take notice

In a development that has created ripples in the fashion circuit and elsewhere, Kochi Tuskers Kerala’s(KTK) distinctive orange-purple jersey has been declared the best outfit in the ipl by fashion mogul FTW. Announcing this at a jam packed press conference in New Delhi Myshell Adam,managing director FTW India said that this was based on public consensus and opinion of a jury comprising of bigwigs in the fashion industry. “It is a comprehensive stamp of approval on their vibrant attire. Just look at the positive energy it brings to their game”,said Mr Adam,a yoga enthusiast.

The team management is clearly overjoyed by this recognition. “We took this with a pinch of salt at first but as it started sinking in,our joy knew no bounds,everyone is on cloud nine. Actually,the designer has told me that my flamboyance was his inspiration”,said a straight faced Sreesanth.

The award got diverse reactions from the fashion junta. While many heralded it as a huge development and a precursor to a significant trend,it was panned by others as being ridiculous. “How on earth can you call something that is loud,in your face and a fashion disaster trendy?”,said famous designer Rina Bangla. However,designer Sabyajhooti Mukherjee had a diametrically opposite view,”it marks a sea change in the fashion perception of people,what was once branded as being gaudy and gay gets selected as best attire,it obviously means abstract,subtler designs are no longer the order of the day.This will obviously get incorporated in our designs as well”.

The award got support from entirely unexpected quarters,with the BJP voicing its approval,”just goes to show the tremendous sway saffron holds over people,it’s a very positive trend for us,in fact we are planning an all India rath yatra to commemorate this occasion”,said a party spokesperson.

Meanwhile,unconfirmed reports state that the queer community plans to make KTK the face of their campaign. “its certainly being considered,I mean,their colour code is consistent with our identity,and if we could take them on board,people will start taking us more seriously”,said a member on the condition of anonymity.

While KTK’s fortunes on the field seem to be on a downward spiral,their prospects off it seem remarkably bright.After all,it’s a whole lot of positive energy.


totalliemeh said...

Someone should've been a Journalist instead of an injineer.

I am reminded of bournvita when I see their outfit.

Vivek said...

Ha! Sabyachooti. roflmax! You should apply for a reporter's job at faking news :D

Sriram said...

I still think of the night I puked.