Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Trivandrum Travails:Headbangers' Woe

A disclaimer at the outset:This post is not meant to be a no holds barred hate post directed at Kerala’s capital.Trivandrum might have its share(a rather meaty share,actually) of shortcomings that don’t befit a state capital,but none so drastic to fuel an all out down-with- thiruvananthapuram slur. No sir,not at all.

This post focuses,specifically,on a particular afternoon,a fateful afternoon that planted in my friend S the desire to own a Lamb Of God tee. Oh gosh,I ve got it all wrong. Rewind.

Well the thing with metal,is that it gets to your head. Now we have,in our hostel, been having a major upheaval in music preferences over the past few months..Pink Floyd,Led Zeppelin,Jimi Hendrix,His Own Lamb, have been steadily gaining in popularity.The hair dresser looks at our locks with longing and melancholy writ large on his face.The neck remains perennially sore owing to headbanging of a particularly violent nature.. It is a culture,more than just being a genre of music,and the sense of belonging is particularly intense,making you want to express your veneration for your fav bands by sporting their memorabilia.

Right,so lets cut back to the day in question here.We(me,S and J) are in the city(er,I am being very liberal when I say city) for nadunissi naaygal (super movie btw,totally untrodden path in tamil cinema)..We walk out of the cinema,largely contented,on account of a forty rupees well spent,totally jobless and hours on end to kill. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop,they say.. and it so happened that that day,the devil came to roost in S’s mind. And thus started a wild goose chase around tvm’s apparel shops,for a Lamb Of God tee.

It would be an understatement to classify the afternoon as merely being eventful.It was a laugh riot. We were this close to being branded mentally unstable.I am pretty sure I heard a “yavan aaredey” (what specimen is this,mate?) while walking outta more than one shop. The conversation everywhere was essentially the same:

S:boss,you people have band tees?

Shopkeeper(SK):sure sir,which brand do you want?

S:er,band,mate.. not brand. You have?

SK:bandaa??*incredulous look* er no sir,we don’t.

S:No?i m sure we saw one outside when we walked in. right?*waning confidence*

Me:hmmm lemme try.. dey,you have black tees?round neck?

SK:*face lightens up by several lumens* sir yes sirJ which colour do you want?red pink blue green?


SK:*frowns* sir… yes sir..*shuffles around uneasily,looks at colleague,colleague resolutely becomes interested in a speck of dust*

*picks out several tees from the shelf,thankfully black,none matching our description*

J(to a harrowed S):dey,machi,this aint working,our search engine needs better keywords to narrow down the field

J(to SK):boss,you have a black roundneck tee with prints of huge,menacing people on it?vverum jangaa.

SK:*scornful look,contempt writ large* oh,*those* tees.. no,er,sir.. We don’t bring em in these days,moving stock alla.

S:no wonder..*visibly disappointed*

SK:*with great reluctance*anything else,sir?



The convo has been anglicized,but it was infinitely more side splitting in malayalam.Well,truth be told,we did come across some band tees,but much to our chagrin,LoG was missing.

S has still not got his tee,but like any valiant warrior,vows to strive endlessly till the day he treats his torso to a Lamb tee.. Optimism knows no bounds,I suppose..


totalliemeh said...

me first.

well, do they have justin bie...illa, illa, njanonnum paranjilla. calm down. calm down.

and aww #nostalgia at the tag-it happened to me :)

awesome write up. slightly different from your style, like the old umbrella and rain post of yours.

now we all know what to get you for your birthday..:)

good one.ilaike.

Sriram said...

Tell me abt i mate.. fuck. u know what pisses me off more? You decide to do some improvisation over the failed SEO attempts by the band tee makers, and u ask, for a black tee with letters and faces on it.
And *facepalm* out comes Che Guevara in all shapes and sizes. People here have some weird affinity towards a Cuban revolutionary (the affinity even beats cigars by a huge margin).

That's the way it is maan.

Btw chennai, spencer plaza has a shop with tees of all bands. bit overpriced but.. hmm.. last resort..

$$ said...

Hahaha.... it is like, u asked for noodles at Nair's chaya-kada!


vanwinkle said...

@chyech yeah it happened to me is a cool tag:)and you sure as hell know what to get for my birthday:D

@sp haha true:D we were actually shown a che tee! and we checked out the store. awesome though it is,its overpriced.. and btw,service messages may kindly be sent to my mofo,mate:)
@$$ absolutely!!:D

Akanksha Pandey said...

Reminds me of all the times I've been subject to "shes-just-being-too-pricey" looks by shopkeepers!You should go to stitching centers here sometime,you'd want to KILL yourself! :|

Quintessentially thirondorum, if you ask me!! :P

anan said...

u liked nadunisi naaygal uh....:|
i got a headache watchin it ....sick ...
i think he tried to make a film similar to sigappu rojakkal...

vanwinkle said...

@akanksha yeh hai tvm meri jaan eh:D well,not quite

@anan i liked the approach,a movie sans bgm sans songs sans fairytale romance,well,unheard of in tamil.. it was lifted from psycho though.. but it was good,the attempt as such