Saturday, January 8, 2011

Grumpy New Year:A weakly round up

All good things come to an end

All not-so-good things also come to an end.

All good things have an uncanny knack of reaching the finish line in a hurry.

All awesome things shave a few days off the record set by all good things.

That,in a claustrophobia inducing nutshell,is a synopsis of my wonderful vacation in saddi dilli.:)

No wait,this requires some explanation. I ve been racking the ol lemon a good deal of late,trying to cook up something appropriate to give the blog a new lease of life. But the Blogger's block is like the mould that conveniently grows on an innocent loaf of bread you leave behind,you would rather not skim it off.Well,my point is:this blog was created with the intention of catering to the creative excesses i occasionally commit.Being that as it may,an occasional dear diaryesque post,like this,goes a long way in bringing the Blog back in circulation:)

Alright,rambling done and dusted with,I will get going with my weakly round up:)

The vacation got off to a rather uneventful start,a rather uneventful flight to the national capital,including a rather uneventful stopover at chennai,largely spent lapping up herr Wodehouse's magic,and shamelessly staring at,er,people in general;)

The flight was largely sleep inducing,dilli ki sardi is anything but:) There s something about winter that makes people compose odes in its honour:)And you wouldnt fault me for walking out of the airport,into the nippy winter evening with a spring in my steps.

Things assumed an upward curve thereafter,with two awesome meetups with school blokes,to quote a photo caption i lifted from facebook:The day we met after we became men:)

The best part of going home,however,is positioning your posterior on the comfy sofa,cocooned from head to toe with several layers of woollens,munching away at whatever you salvage from the kitchen(much to the mother's consternation). bliss. absolute. A possible fallout of this school of thought,however,is that you begin to mirror a couch potato(a bulbous,overfed,underworked potato,at that).Movie watchage also happened,Tarantino's death proof(paper thin storyline,kickass film),al pacino's and justice for all,scent of a woman(stupendous,stupendous),and a whole cartload of movies on telly.

All good things come to an end.

The end,again,was largely uneventful,an 18 hour delay notwithstanding,nothing to blog about;)

Realization dawns. dear diary aint my cuppa. Something better,next time,i promise,to quote the Indian Railways:asuvidha ke liye khed hai ;)

Alright then,i ll get back to dreaming about fog,hot water and rajaai:)toodles:)


damsel said...

weak round up, indeed.

but you know, I had fun reading this..maybe because I love your style of writing, or maybe because, its been a looooooooooooooooooooooooooog time since i read something from you.

cocooned from head to toe with several layers of woollens,munching away at whatever you salvage from the kitchen

the image. very cute. inju-ish cute.:P

and welcome back. all good things, even comments like this from your favourite sister, should come to an end.

Sriram said...


Sorry buddy but you'll have to keep the f word :D

Vivek said...

Upward curves? Is that what you were watching at the airports? No women were present at the meetup? No don't bother answering any of those I already know ;)

Superb writing! As usual. Also, avoid the smileys.

Anonymous said...

nice blog,keep it up pal..