Monday, April 26, 2010

Spin a yarn

I ve been hit by a rather overwhelming wave of nostalgia since morning.

What probably triggered this avalanche of memories could be the old copy of tinkle digest that i chanced upon while rummaging through my shelf.. :)

I ve always been a big fan of Tinkle.. Tickled the funny bone and provided food for thought in equal measure.. And it gave us a whole range of totally cult characters :)

Shikari shambhu,Kalia the crow,Tantri the mantri,Suppandi (my earliest definition of kickass:)) shall forever remain etched in my memory.. Btw, sample this suppandi classic:
  • Master:Hey,what are you upto?
  • Suppandi:Killing these mosquitoes master.. got 7 till now,4 male,3 female.
  • M:How on earth did you figure that out?
  • S:simple,master..4 were sitting on the cigarette pack,they re male.. the other 3 were on the mirror,hence female :)
  • M: :-o
But the section which intrigued and fascinated me the most was the it happened to me bit.. That our peers went through such peculiar experiences was totally awesome :)

So i decided to amble down memory line and hunt for a "it happened to me" to turn into a blog post :)

And i didnt have to put the leg muscles to much exercise,for i hit upon a relatively recent incident which can only be described as a manifestation of Murphy's Law ;)

This happened in 2008.. Our college life had just begun and we were all rather excited and looking forward to having a gala time on campus..

Thats as ironic as ironic can get.. Exciting and Happening are two words which have been struck off from my dictionary as far as college is concerned..

It is akin to the albatross strung around the mariner's neck.. A constant reminder of what could ve been had i taken my entrance coaching a bit more seriously.. ah damn,veering off course for a remorse as profound as this is not warranted,so i cut back to my storytelling :)

So,college had just begun when the mechanical department organised this totally awesome 3 day tech fest most aptly named Geared '08 at kanakakunnu palace,tvm..

It was the last day of the event and we were having a totally rollicking time,what with auto expos,stunt shows and other awesome events.. The weather gods however were not amused by this revelry,and called up the guy manning the rain department..
  • WG: sonny,em guys down there are having a blast and we aint likin it.. U got somethin to spice up things?
  • RG:uh,well we ve got a dozen rolling pins,arc lights and a decent water supply boss,ssat good for you?
  • WG:hmmm,that should be interesting,humour us..
  • RG:awright boss..
evidently,the rain guy performed his duty with utmost sincerity and dedication, the result being a torrential downpour in the evening..

it was getting rather dark and when there was a brief letup in the rain,me and two of my friends decided that legging it would be the ideal course of action.. We accordingly set course for the bus stop,fervently hoping that the guys upstairs would be kind enough to relent till we reached home.. That, however, was not to be and the rain started falling thick and fast.. It was then that we realised, in a manner reminiscent of ekta kapoor's serials,that we had just one blessed umbrella with us.. Three guys,one umbrella,and a slush fest.. Perfect,swell,excellent..

We huddled under the solitary u. and bravely trudged on ,all the while liberally trading expletives for the soup that we had landed ourselves in..

we'd been walking for close to 10 minutes,the bus stop was nowhere in sight,and it was then that the import of the situation hit us with full force.. We were walking down the wrong road!!!!!!

picture this:Three guys,relatively new to the city,walking down a deserted road,in total darkness,having no idea of where to go,one umbrella and torrential rains for company.. Most definitely scarier than rgv's phoonk 1and 2 put together!!;)

We stopped to measure our options. We could either turn around and walk back to base,or continue in the same direction,in ankle deep water,praying that the pwd had covered up all manholes.. we chose the latter..

Another 10 minutes of wading through the water yielded no signs of civilization,and the autorickshaws we d tried to flag down,gave us the finger and went past.. we were now officially stranded and positively scared out of our senses.. totally drenched and with the rain showing no signs of letting up,we were literally at our wit's end,when we suddenly spotted a tea stall round the corner!! :) our joy knew no bounds and our frayed nerves were immediately put to rest.. The stall guy told us that we d taken the wrong turn and had reached the Bakery junction !! I really aint privy to the various arteries of trivandrum and i still have no clue as to how we ended up at bakery junction from KP,but thats a different matter altogether :)

the stall guy directed us to the nearest bus stop,and thus ended an ordeal most unnerving..

Thinking of it now does evoke a few giggles,but the situtaion was anything but hilarious as it unfolded... A most harrowing half an hour it was,aint gonna forget this in a hurry :) Ta..


Vivek said...

Hehe the whole story aint here aye:))...nice to c some \t \n s out ther tho :))!!!!!

Vivek said...

nice post btw :)

Sriram said...

Haha.. the WG conversation was kickass!! Man now you're blawgin!

vanwinkle said...

@vivek this IS the whole story
@sriram uh.thanks :)

Vivek said...

er i thot the tea stall guy was a *beep beep beep * earlier.......this one makes him look angelic :))

totalliemeh said...

the WG/RG conversation was awesome! and tinkle-suppandi...ah memories..
oru kudakeezhil eh? or oru kudayum, kunju pengalum...err..that isn't applicable here..

all in all, an awesome read!! loved it..sorry for the delay in commenting..

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vanwinkle said...

@meh boy!!i ll probably need close to a dozen sand bags to bring me down to terra firma!!;) thanks chyech !:) course i m bloghoppin and commenting !!:) and Btw u ve been blogrolled ;) and i m like among the first to comment wen u post.. appol entha prashnam;) anyway. cheers and thanks for the suggestions :)ellam pariganikkunnathayirikum.. and ur blog is anything but mediocre and watever u make it out to be !i find it quite peppy n hilarious.. this aint for d sake of formality,take it from me :)