Friday, April 23, 2010

Lets break the monotony.

You know this thing about delhi's summer? apart from the plethora of adjectives its adorned with,viz.relentless,punishing,scorching so on and so forth,i d like to add one more to the burgeoning list: BORING!! The upper case hopefully drives home the emphasis.

For starters,you just cannot step out of your home during these blighted months!! A sadistic,diabolic sphere,most dubiously named the sun,and the all pervading layer of dust that descends on this city during summer work in tandem to put paid to any hopes of venturing outside..

And as the gentleman named murphy so correctly conjectured,if things can go wrong,they most definitely will go wrong.

My beloved system has started acting up, it takes an eternity to load,so much so that i m actually contemplating starting a workshop to impart the virtue of patience,i can literally mint money..

And i dare not switch on the telly,as its been draped in ipl s shroud.. So,to cut a rather long story short, i m totally bored.. But what actually causes saline insertion in an already deep incision is the fact that i ve hauled all my books all the way from tvm as i ve my sem exams to sit thru in may.. imagine trying to study in this sort of dreary weather.. inhuman!!

And had it not been for the good ol ac, i would ve resembled a kwality walls cup kept out in the sun.. And today dawned no different,searing heat,faced with another lethargic day at the office... The tentacles of boredom were creeping up thick n fast, when the thought of my fledgling blog graced the good ol lemon and presented an avenue for breaking the shackles of this monotonous existence..

This post,people,is just what the title claims it is lol.. hmmm,what else to write eh? its been a largely uneventful passage of time..

Alright,i guess i ll stop,else chances of bein showered with the choicest of expletives is pretty high lol.. ta.


Sriram said...

Ah. Every blogger's First Rant post.. Guess this is just the beginning :D
And goddammit man, I read monotony as notytony!

vanwinkle said...

@sriram haha yeah that struck me when i framed the title lol

damsel in distress said...

next time, blog in english. heard about spaces and paragraphs? there is a life beyond full stop bro!


ah..the randon post. sigh...been there,done that!:)

waiting for something non random from u!

damsel in distress said...

btw- i am aware of the difficulties in mobile blogging.this comment just to follow up the comments. :D