Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lets Set The Ball Rolling!!Take 2

Yipee!!:) i ve finally put into practise wat i d been contemplating over the past few weeks.. A weblog for myself! so,now i can also become the suave,url toting blogger.. great!!Fantastic!ubercool!!Alright,hang on..In the midst of this euphoria,i m committing one grievous crime.. I am distorting the truth..Its evident from the contradiction in the title..U see,try as you might,you really cannot initiate rolling motion in a ball thats already kicking up dust..physics purists might want to fight this contention tooth to nail,but i dont want to go into the intricacies of the situation,coz i dont want to cause mr newton the distinct discomfort of having to turn in his archaic grave.. coming back to the point,u see,i had already had my blogging arangetram on blogger s sworn enemy, wordpress!! haha reminds you of the shoaib-sania affair na? its only after roshny chechi suggested giving wordpress the finger coz of inherent minus points as compared to blogger that i made the switch,and its actually better than wordpress!! oh well,i guess its not a big thing after all,in this age of car,mobile,sim and wife hopping lol.. so hear i am,typing away furiously at my blighted mobile keypad,churning out my first post on blogger.. alright,i guess i must stop,else this post is in imminent danger of becoming a mindless rant lol cheerio.. ps:i still aint privy to the nuances of creating links,that explains the absence of any even though i should have incorporated them..kindly bear eh..


Gautam Sasi said...

superb first post macha..Happy to be de writing de first comment..gee:)

Sriram said...

Kickass blog title man!
You'd better blog ur ass off once u get to the national capital or else.. :D
Oh, a couple of suggestions at gunpoint:
1. remove word verification for comments (it's asking me to type 'comin' now.. wtf :P )
2. Use new-line liberally in between posts.. Couple broadhouse with huge paragraphs and it becomes a pain in the.. optical nerves.
3. SPACEs between words and smileys, words and punctuations etc greatly welcome :)
4. Great beginning, man. Thou wilt scale great altitudes with the might of thy keypad.

vanwinkle said...

@gautam thanks matey :)first comment on the blog eh?now if readership falls,u ll be held responsible in my court of law;)

@sriram presentation has taken a hit man,i was conscious of that,but mobile blogging has its limitations,and the fact that opera mini and samsung dont see eye to eye compounds problems further.. encountered bugs by the dozen as i was typing out the thing.. will try my best to rectify the flaws though..

Vivek said...

crap someone beat me to it....ah the first comment :D nice da....

damsel in distress said...

ithra anusaranayulla kuttikale njan kandittilla..sho!

vanwinkle said...

@vivek now thats what i call a stiff upper lip reply;)

@damsel hihi:)anusarana sheelam nallathalle?;)seriously,blogger pwns wordpress bigtime:)\m/

Sriram said...

man... u're fuckin lucky! first post.. and six comments(++)... pwnage!