Friday, September 3, 2010

Delhi roads to be turned into waterways

In an epoch making move that has caught everyone by surprise,The Municipal Corporation of Delhi(MCD),announced its intent to cash in on the woeful waterlogging crisis by turning all roads into waterways and operating ferries. The announcement was followed,almost immediately,by bluelines flocking to the garage in a bid to dabble in remodelling and try passing off the buses as ferries.In completely unrelated news,a massive spurt in people signing up for swimming lessons was recorded.
"This just goes to prove that Delhi is an awesome city,a city that knows how to tide over difficulties. The Commonwealth Games will happen as per plan",said the chief minister Sheila Dikshit,though mediapersons at the press conference were left wondering what she meant.

"This move is primarily to ease the workload on our phone operators who are tired of hanging up each time people call in to report waterlogging",said a source who wished to remain anonymous.

The Delhi government has roped in beleagured,though still flamboyant ipl main man Lalit Modi to oversee the leasing out of various routes across the city to key corporate players who shall be given the responsibility of operating services.

Speaking to the press after the plan was unveiled,an ecstatic mr Modi said,"This is an honour. I m fpeechleff"

Allaying fears over the transparency of the whole process,he said,"The bidding shall be as per rules laid out by the government,there will be no foul play,mere lifp ki kasam!(i swear by my lisp)".

If all goes as per plan,Delhi will be the first city to turn a rather harrowing situation to its advantage.

Many cities all over the world have reportedly expressed interest in following in Delhi's footsteps.


Vivek said...

Heh #fakingnews fpeechleff!! "tiding over difficulties" eh you are good man!

totalliemeh said...

lol!! faking news indeed!! btw-welcome back, the blogosphere missed you!

never been to cochin eh. tch. should see cochin durng the rainy season, ull know why they call it erna"kulam..

nice one bora!

Pagal Patrakar said...

Good one! :)

anan said...

bidding as per rules of govt rofl....=))
i am prepared to undertake the project...
good post btw...:)

Sriram said...

Ahem, MCD? Does that mean anything else in Abey-speak? :D
fpeechleff lol!!! Took a liberal dig at that guy too eh
Good cobweb dusting man :D

vanwinkle said...

@vivek thanks bud:)
@meh thanks chyech:)well nothing can beat delhi when it comes to flooded roads.the drains re so clogged that even a drizzle could cause nasty traffic snarls:)
@patrakar thanks:)
@anan thanks man:)first time eh?take a look around the blog:)
@tux thanks machi:)MCD fortunately does not have any other meaning:)that could ve caused the corporation much facepalming:)